Picasa (and Photostory) in Education

Below is a basic list of inspirational ideas for using Digital Imaging in your classroom.
  1. Slideshows for Back to School Night or Open House
  2. Slideshows of Performances, Celebrations, Assemblies, or Field Trips
  3. Photo Yearbooks (For a school, a class, or a club!)
  4. Photo Journalism, Documentaries, or Dramatizations
  5. Time Lapsed Photography (Especially in science!)
  6. Class Books (Think big books!)
  7. Story Books (“Digital Story Telling”)
  8. How-To Guides (Address non-fiction standards!)
  9. Exercises in Classifying, Categorizing, or Compare and Contrast.
  10. Photos as Anticipatory Sets, Writing Prompts, or Review
  11. Document Learning (Great for parent conferences!)
  12. Photo Portfolios (Can be used for student presentations, too!)

And more...

  1. Alternative Assessment
  2. Celebrations of Birthdays, Star of the Week, Student of the Month etc. (images and captions)
  3. Math Dictionary (In general: Vocabulary Development... in social studies etc - land forms for example)
  4. Taxonomies
  5. Illustrate Life Cycles (or Water Cycle etc)
  6. Thank you for field trip volunteers

Note: Don't forget digital kits! Digital kits are a way of scaffolding students' learning by providing them with the raw materials for a multimedia project... so they can get right to the thinking and not waste time searching. (See kitZu.org for examples.)

Resource for Picasa and Photostory in your classroom found at: http://picasained.wikispaces.com/inspiration